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Explore interesting Sweden facts, including exciting Viking history, gorgeous landscapes, delicious cuisine, amazing statistics, language, and much more Sweden Facts for Kids. Learn some interesting information about Sweden while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia that's perfect for kids! Read about Sweden's major cities, its language, companies, history, landscapes, favorite sports and much more

Top 28 Fun and Interesting Facts About Sweden Sweden has a 13 th -century town Gamla Stan, which is set on the islands that are joined by ferries and bridges. Sweden's population is 9.2 million, and approximately 85% of it resides in urban areas. 22% of Sweden's population lives in the capital city of Stockholm Sweden is officially called the Kingdom of Sweden.. Around 2,000 years ago, the Svear people gave Sweden its name.In their language, svear meant us and rike meant kingdom. So, Sverige, the modern Swedish name of the country, means Our Kingdom. The land area of Sweden is the 4th largest in Europe.. The main official language of Sweden is Swedish (svenska), but the country also. Quick facts about Sweden. Become a Sweden expert in three minutes or less. In this article. Population. There are 10 million people in Sweden, of whom about 2 million are under the age of 18. Eighty-five percent of them live in cities

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Donald Duck Party. The (Kalle Anka-partiet) is a joke political party in Sweden.It is named after the famous Disney cartoon character Donald Duck. At the very most, the Donald Duck Party has scored enough write-in votes at points theoretically to be the country's ninth-most popular (in 1991, it received 1,535 votes) Here are 40 Interesting Sweden facts. 1-5 Sweden Facts 1. Sweden is so good at recycling that it has run out of rubbish and imports 80,000 tons a year from Norway. - Source 2. After Norway banned Lif 10 Interesting Facts About Sweden. Interesting Facts About France. 1. A Little Something for Everyone. Even though Sweden doesn't make the list of Top 10 destinations for a lot of travelers, there's such variety in the country that it offers a little something for everyone Fun facts and trivia about Sweden. Construction. Europe's largest shopping mall is the Nordstan in Gothenburg, with approximately 180 shops and 150 offices on 320,000 m².; The Stockholm Globe Arena is the world's largest hemispherical building, with a diameter of 110 meters, an inner height of 85 meters, and a total volume of 600,000 m³ Impress your friends and family with these unique, quirky facts about Norway's close neighbours, Sweden. For many outside the region, Norway and Sweden are one and the same. While the two Scandinavian countries do share a lot of history, culture, and closely related languages, there are also some key differences. Today we look at some..

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Swedish food is much more than just iconic meatballs and chewy fish-shaped sweets. If you want to know a herring from a crayfish and a kanelbulle from a prinsesstårta, here are ten vital facts about Swedish food traditions. Swedish food is much more than just iconic meatballs and chewy fish-shaped sweets. If you want to know a herring from a crayfish and a kanelbulle from a prinsesstårta Basic facts about Sweden. Capital: Stockholm Population: around 10 million, 0.13 per cent of the world's population Life expectancy: Men 81 years, women 84 years Language: Swedish (main language); and five official minority languages: Sami, Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalen Finnish), Yiddish and Romani Chib Religion: The Church of Sweden is Evangelical Lutheran, but there are also many other. View Stockholm loves digging up crazy facts about not just Stockholm but Sweden as well. And we think you probably like reading them. So, without further ado let's check out some crazy facts about this wonderful country. We promise, every one of these are true Thinking about visiting the Swedish capital? To make your trip more interesting and meaningful, Travel on Spot here presents 10 interesting facts about the city. 1. The Swedish capital is situated on 14 islands, connected by 57 bridges. Therefore, no matter where you happen to find yourself, water will be close by. Stockholm has 96 beaches

Sweden is counted amongst the most visited countries in the world today. To help tourists explore the country, we have provided a number of fun and interesting facts about it here 50 Fascinating Facts about Sweden. Sweden is located in Northern Europe and is part of Scandinavia. It is bordered by Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark via a land bridge. The country is the third largest country in the European Union by area, but only is home to 9.5 million people, making its population density very low 10 Fun Facts About Sweden for Kids #1 Swedish kids dress up like witches for Halloween andEaster. Kids in Sweden get to dress up not just in the fall for Halloween but also in the spring for Easter. For Easter, kids in Sweden dress up like witches and make cards saying, Glad Påsk! on them or Happy Easter 11 Surprising Facts About Sweden. FTD Facts brings you the most interesting facts about everything. Our mini documentaries and lists explore countries, people, society,.

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Other interesting facts: Norwegian ships carried approx. 20% of oil imports and 8% of dry goods to Britain during the war. When Norway was occupied the puppet government Oslo ordered Norwegian ships in international waters to call back to Norway or an Axis port One of the interesting facts about Sweden is that close to 80% of the country is atheist or even embrace agnosticism. While there are several robust faith followers amongst the immigrant groups and a minority group of Swedish Christians, 80% of the country is almost atheist

I came across these facts as I was studying a condensed timeline of some interesting points in Swedish history. Sweden has a long and colorful history, going back many centuries in great detail. Here are the ones that I found funny, amusing, and fascinating. Facts About Swedish History 10 Interesting Facts About Sweden. By Oishimaya Sen Nag on August 15 2019 in World Facts. Houses in Lund, Sweden. Sweden is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. In addition to its high quality of life and per capita income, Sweden has a robust social welfare system and provides a strong protection of civil liberties

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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, situated on the country's east coast. The fun and interesting facts about Stockholm, given here, will help you explore the city further 10 Interesting Facts About Sweden Kishar 2017-02-08. Sweden is an interesting nation with a long history, a remarkable culture and a ton of test thoughts that make Sweden an awesome place to live, work, play or visit. Here are 10 things to think about Scandinavia's most crowded nation 10 facts about Stockholm From Stockholm's medieval heart to its famous home furnishings store, we have compiled the top 10 facts about Sweden's laid-back capital Gallery. Emily Scrivener, 6 February, 2014. Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se . 14 islands Today we will help you out to know about some awesome and interesting facts about Sweden, you will be amazed after reading these interesting facts about Sweden. Interesting facts about Sweden Country & History Sweden is the third largest country in the EU, after France and Spain. Sweden is one of the original lands of ethnic and Germanic culture Here's a list of 25 Interesting facts about Finland and the Finns that you probably didn't know! Further down in the article, you can also read some fun Finland facts as well as more general information such as total population, biggest cities, highest mountain, biggest lake etc

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  1. read. 1. The largest mall in Scandinavia is found in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Nordstan has 180 shops and 150 offices. 2. Sweden has the largest number of McDonald's fast food restaurants per capita in Europe. 3
  2. Ponder our interesting Greece facts to discover azure coastlines, picturesque villages, and a dynamic history that gave birth to Western civilization. 94 Interesting Rome Facts Explore what makes the Eternal City so immortal with our interesting Rome facts, including its early days as a republic, its tragic downfall, and beyond
  3. The interesting facts about Sweden. 1. Sweden - the independent country of Northern Europe. The name of the state is translated as the country sveev. 2. The Swede prefers to bring the child at the age of 30 years. According to official statistics, it is the greatest age in Europe. 3. At the moment in Sweden more than 10 nuclear reactors.

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Inhabitants close to 900 000 in the so called Large-Gothenburg (incl some small areas outside the centre).Otherwise approx 500 000. Were is the second largest city in Sweden located? Gothenburg is located on the west coast on both sides of the river Göta Älv - at the bay Kattegatt 12 Interesting Facts About Sweden You'll Love To Know September 10, 2016 by Fada Tim Leave a Comment Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, along with vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains

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  1. interesting facts about sweden. Sweden আজকে আপনাদের জানাবো ইউরোপের সুন্দর দেশ সুইডেন সম্পর্কে বিভিন্ন মজাদার তথ্য ও ইতিহাস এবং বিখ্যাত ভ্রমণ স্থানের সন্ধান
  2. Here are the top ten surprising facts about Sweden that you must know if you plan to visit that beautiful country or you love to know about world countries.. Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden. Krona is the official currency of Sweden. Official language of Sweden is Swedish but there are five other languages that declared official in Sweden
  3. 1. You have to wait in queue for literally everything. Swedes believe that everybody's time is valuable and even if you are the Prime Minister of Sweden you still need to take a number and then wait for your turn. 2. Alcohol stores are not open on..
  4. 10 Interesting Facts About Sweden The home of the annual Nobel prizes was the first country to write freedom of the press into its Constitution and to explicitly ban corporal punishment of children
  5. Amusing facts about Sweden, Swedish Culture, and Swedish Governance, compiled by an American. As of 2004 you can pay your Swedish taxes by sending an SMS message from your cell phone. The government sends you a completely filled out tax form and if it looks good you just go online and click okay to pay your taxes
  6. Sweden (/ ˈ s w iː. d ə n /; Swedish: Sverige [ˈsvæ̌rjɛ] ()), officially the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sverige [ˈkôːnɵŋaˌriːkɛt ˈsvæ̌rjɛ] ()), is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It borders Norway to the west and north, Finland to the east, and is connected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund Strait

Sweden: 8 interesting facts about the leading producer of chocolate and music in the world 1. The country officially disapproves of punishing children. Any kind of physical punishment is officially forbidden in Sweden. By implementing the law forbidding any form of punishment towards children, Sweden gave an example to other countries-members. 69 Facts About New Zealand That'll Blow Your Mind. There is a bird that eats cars. New Zealand is the only country with the right to put Hobbit-related images on its currency Facts about Wolves in Sweden. Scientific name: Canis lupus hunted to extinction. Wolves have recently returned to Sweden and Scandinavia since they were claimed extinct in the 1960's.. At first wolves were hunted for their thick winter fur

Travelling to Sweden? Here are facts and information about anything from the Swedish weather, how it works with visa and passports and more. Save. Facts and info. Currency, credit cards and money in Sweden. Getting to and from Sweden's airports. Passport and visa information for Sweden Interesting Facts About Sweden: If you are reading this article then you must be surely looking out for interesting facts about Sweden and you are at the right place. Here are the amazing interesting facts about Sweden that you would like to know for sure. Other than the fun part, we have also collected some more general facts about Sweden, such as about its population, biggest lake, highest.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden celebrated his 68th birthday on Wednesday 30 April. To honour the reigning Swedish monarch's birthday, HELLO!Online has gathered a list of ten facts you may not have. Interesting Facts About Sweden interesting facts (Interesting Fact) During the days in which exploration of the states was prominent, the lechuguila species created a deadly obstacle for those who were exploring the southwest by ways of horses, because when riding, the leaves which were very sharp would puncture the horses' legs

interesting facts Sweden. Swedish people have the longest life expectancy in Europe with 81.4 years; App. 15% of Sweden's land lies north of the Arctic Circle; There are 10 nuclear reactors in Sweden; John Reinfeld is the Prime Minister of Sweden; Sweden exports a lot of timber , iron and hydro power; Sweden has highest number of nuclear plants. Home Moving to France About France 30 interesting facts about France. Last update on May 12, 2020. Moving to France? Here are some interesting French facts to prepare you for life in France, or if you are already living in France, test how well you know the French! 1. it received almost the same amount of people as the population of Sweden Sweden Facts: did you know that... Sweden pays students US$187 per month to attend high school Facts about Moose. There are more Moose in Sweden per square kilometer than any other country in the World.. Did you know that nearly 100,000 moose are shot each year during the hunting season?There are 400,000 moose in Sweden before the hunting season, 100,000 are hunted so that about 300,000 remain during winter, and some 100,000 are born each spring

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20 interesting facts about Canada by 1st Contact | Nov 7, 2013 Categories. Accounting (74) Citizenship (31) Forex (39) General (52) Immigration (139) Wealth (86) Top. Following our series of interesting facts on South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, we now take a look at Canada and reveal 20 of the country's most interesting facts. 1 It has four bordering countries that are Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Denmark. The country has an extensive coastline facing the North Atlantic Ocean. With these facts about Norway, let us learn more about its history, geography, culture, people, economy and many other interesting facts. About people and history. 1. Harald V is the present King. Top 5 Interesting Facts About Lagos. By Oishimaya Sen Nag on September 10 2018 in World Facts. A scene from Lagos, Nigeria. Top 10 Interesting Facts About Monaco. Top 10 Interesting Facts About Eritrea. More in World Facts. Countries That Surprisingly Don't Sell Coca-Cola Fun Facts about Sweden for Kids. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Stefan Lofven is the Prime Minister of Sweden (data 2018). Sweden has 173,730 square miles of land. 9,982,709 people live in Sweden (2018 information provided by worldometers). The official language is Swedish. Most people are Christians. The government is a multiparty democracy Lapland is indeed a place with a rather strange and even magical reputation. There are also some things that people really don't know about Lapland. Here we have collected a list of some interesting, fun and even strange facts about Lapland. Continue reading and you will find if there are polar bears in Lapland or not

interesting facts of sweden - top 10 interesting facts about sweden. interesting facts of sweden || complete guide|| edify group. This list of key facts about Sweden offers a quick overview of the countr Our list of Sweden interesting facts come to an end. We hope that this helped expand your knowledge about the country. If you have more interesting facts

Interesting facts about Sweden Where to travel in August. Are you planning where to travel to in August, after a whole year waiting for the moment? This is the holiday month par excellence, in which you can make plans of all kinds. Some. 54 Amazing Facts About London That Will Blow Your Mind I wander thro' each charter'd street / Near where the charter'd Thames does flow. And mark in every face I meet / Marks of weakness, marks. Interesting Facts about Sweden Map of Sweden: Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries and it is the third largest country in Western Europe. The capital city is Stockholm. It covers an area of about 174,000 sq mi (450,000 km²). 53% of Sweden's area is forest Interesting facts about Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden. 28 likes. This page will share interesting facts about Sweden

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Facts about the Nordic countries. Photographer. Søren Sigfusson/norden.org. Mail Facebook Linkedin Twitter. The Nordic Region consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland This can easily be explained by the fact that Swedes spend a lot of time outdoors during winter and this is necessary to not drag in dirt. This can also be seen as a sign of respect to the home. In any case, taking your shoes off when entering someones home in Sweden is obligatory. 11. It gets cold and dark during winter in Sweden

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  1. Interesting facts about Sweden! Until 1809, Finland was a part of Sweden. Dynamite was invented in Sweden by Albert Nobel, the man who the Nobel Prize is named for
  2. In fact, Sweden Democrats, which has right-wing extremist roots, became the third-biggest party in Parliament after the 2014 election. It didn't take long for Löfven's coalition to find itself at odds with the Sweden Democrats. Two months after Löfven took office, parliament rejected his budget proposal
  3. Fun facts and trivia about Norway. Norwegian Vikings settled the Shetland Islands (circa 700 CE), the Faroe Islands (c. 800), raided the holy island of Lindisfarne in Northumbria (794), then invaded the coasts of Scotland and Ireland (between 795 and 821), where the founded Waterford, Cork, Dublin and Limerick. They went on to colonise Iceland (c. 860) and Greenland (982)
  4. Interesting Facts about Sweden: Sweden has the second highest proportion of women in its national parliament, 45.3 per cent, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Sweden's Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators globally
  5. Top 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Malta . 1. Malta is chosen the number 7th (6th, because tied with spain) place to retire in 2015 by International Living. - Great weather all year round, tasty cuisine and one of the best health care systems making Malta the perfect place to retire
  6. d! To begin with, Sweden banned spanking and other corporal punishments of children in 1979. Children are the future of our world, therefore raising them right is utterly important
  7. This is why we have prepared a list of interesting facts about (in English it means Crown). The Swedish Krona came into use in 1873 when the Swedish government entered into a monetary agreement with the governments of Norway and Denmark which is known as the Scandinavian Monetary Union. Before that the Swedish currency was known as Riksdaler

Here are 25 Interesting facts about India that you did not know. Did you know India has the largest postal network in the world and has a floating post office Interesting Facts about Gothenburg. Gothenburg Country: Sweden Gothenburg by the Numbers: Population: 478,000 Elevation: 174 feet Average Annual Precipitation: 29.2 inches Average January Temperature: 33 degrees F Average July Temperature: 61 degrees 1. Carl XVI Gustaf (1946) is the seventh Swedish King of the ruling House Bernadotte. Their rule began with their first King Charles XIV. of Sweden (1763-1844), the 4 x great-grandfather of the current King in 1818. 2. Actually, The Bernadotte dyn.. Extra Poland Facts You Should Know. We have tried to show you some of the fun facts about Poland, looking at the culture and society but here are some extras that might also help you on your trip: Quick Poland Facts and Numbers: The population of Poland is just about 40 million, that's a lot of drying clothes FUN FACT #1: It was once green. If your first thought about Greenland was, 'Why is it even called Green?', well that is an excellent question.The majority of the land is covered in ice. The name is said to have been given by Erik the Red, who settled there in the 900s after being exiled from Iceland for murder.Some say he gave that name as a kind of medieval marketing, hoping to get more.

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We have put together 10 interesting facts about Sweden some of which you may or may not know and some which will surprise you.. Halloween is celebrated on Maundy (Holy) Thursday just before Easter and has been celebrated in Sweden only since the 1990s Learn 10 interesting facts about the element oxygen, the breath of life, including its color, characteristics, and more

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Here are some Google facts you may not know! 1. The name 'Google' is actually derived from the mathematical term 'googol' which is basically 1 with a 100 zeros following it That's right, you didn't misread, here we have one thousand random and interesting facts about literally everything you could think of! Here at The Fact Site, we're celebrating our 10 th birthday, and we wanted to celebrate huge!. So we've spent months researching the biggest & best list of interesting, random facts, all for you - for free 5 Facts about Queen Christina of Sweden. Lesbian News' December issue featured a movie review of The Girl King, the 2015 biography of Queen Christina of Sweden. But we thought the character was so fascinating that we decided to look up the facts behind the character. Here are 5 interesting facts about the Swedish Queen Christina

25 Billboards with Fascinating Science Facts «TwistedSifter13 Things to Do In Stockholm Sweden | Travel the World10 Facts on Transgender Rights & Gender Equality5 things that are illegal in Sweden | Study in Sweden: the

Introducing our first book: 1001 Facts to Make your Brain Explode! Even if you visit Factslides.com every day to get your dosis of new facts —just like over 1 million visitors do every month—, in this book you'll find facts you've never seen before You are here: Home. Travel. Interesting facts about Sweden Facts about Sweden; the population, geography, history and economy. Facts about Sweden. World Facts Index > Sweden > Stockholm. A military power during the 17th century, Sweden has not participated in any war in almost two centuries. An armed neutrality was preserved in both World Wars 25. When we compiled our first list of vaguely interesting facts, Sweden had just passed the ten million person mark.While the population is still growing, the rate of increase is slowing. The Swedish population is expected to hit 11 million in 2029 but it won't be until the early 2050s that it exceeds 12 million 10 Evil Serial Killers That Are Still On The Run. 10 Curious Facts About Kissing. 10 Unmentionable Facts About Underwea Interesting facts about Latvia. Welcoming people, gorgeous nature and pagan festivities Check out these amazing but true facts about beautiful Latvia! 1. One of the last corners of Europe to join Christendom, Latvians are still very much pagans at heart

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