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  1. A creole language, or simply creole, is a stable natural language that develops from the simplifying and mixing of different languages into a new one within a fairly brief period of time: often, a pidgin evolved into a full-fledged language. While the concept is similar to that of a mixed or hybrid language, creoles are often characterized by a tendency to systematize their inherited grammar.
  2. Today, many of the creole languages use revised orthographies that are phonemically based, i.e., writing systems in which there is a one-to-one relationship between written symbols and phonemes in the spoken language. Take a look at Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in five creole languages
  3. An English-based creole language (often shortened to English creole) is a creole language for which English was the lexifier, meaning that at the time of its formation the vocabulary of English served as the basis for the majority of the creole's lexicon. Most English creoles were formed in British colonies, following the great expansion of British naval military power and trade in the 17th.
  4. Answer and Explanation: Worldwide today, there are about 16 pidgin languages. Many pidgin languages that once existed are extinct, or have since become creoles through the process of nativization
  5. Answer to: How many Spanish creole languages are there? By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework questions...
  6. Creole languages, vernacular languages that developed in colonial European plantation settlements in the 17th and 18th centuries as a result of contact between groups that spoke mutually unintelligible languages. Creole languages most often emerged in colonies located near the coasts of th
  7. As far as the number of people who speak the language, Haitian Creole (kreyol ayisyen) has the largest number of speakers of any other Creole language - it's a mix of French, Taino, West African, Spanish and Portuguese influences regarding vocabul..

Louisiana Creole (kréyol la lwizyàn; French: créole louisianais), also called Louisiana French Creole, is a French-based creole language spoken by far fewer than 10,000 people, mostly in the state of Louisiana. It is not to be confused with the Louisiana Creole people, despite the similarities of the name, as Louisiana Creole people may speak a variety of languages (e.g., French, Spanish. However, there are also a number of creoles and local patois. Dozens of the creole languages of the Caribbean are widely used informally among the general population. There are also a few additional smaller indigenous languages. Many of the indigenous languages have become extinct or are dying out

Interestingly, you'll find a French-derived creole (more on that below) spoken on Dominica and St. Lucia, even though the official language is English on both islands: as was often the case, these islands changed hands many times during the war for the Caribbean between the English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and others You'll find there are many types of Creole languages spoken in different areas in the world and each is a unique combination of various languages. Understanding the Creole Language There is some controversy surrounding the origin language of Creole, but Creole is generally considered to be a pidgin language At first, you're just two languages who are sort of seeing each other. Then, you're opening a joint bank account. The difference between pidgin and creole is a bit more subtle than you think 7,117 languages are spoken today. That number is constantly in flux, because we're learning more about the world's languages every day. And beyond that, the languages themselves are in flux. They're living and dynamic, spoken by communities whose lives are shaped by our rapidly changing world

For precise translation, you might want to consider enrolling for a Haitian Creole course or hiring a professional translator for the Creole language. There are many Creole courses offered online or at local colleges and universities, so you should be able to find a program that works for you. Don't Forget the Friendly Nature of the Haiti Peopl Language with the fewest words: Taki Taki (also called Sranan), 340 words. Taki Taki is an English-based Creole spoken by 120,000 in the South American country of Suriname. Language with the largest alphabet: Khmer (74 letters). This Austro-Asiatic language is the official language of Cambodia, where approx.12 million people speak it mauritius language - mauritians are proficient in several languages. people use many languages and dialects to communicate among themselves and the multi-ethnic characteristics of mauritius make it a multi-lingual country There are actually a handful of creole languages that developed in the U.S. 1. Chinook Jargon. Also called Chinuk Wawa, this language was originally a pidgin language based on the Chinook Native American language. It began to develop when the first European settlers arrived in the Pacific Northwest and needed to interact with speakers of. Haitian Creole (Kreyòl ayisyen) is spoken in Haiti by all of its 7 million people. It is also spoken in the Bahamas, Canada, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. ().It is based on French and on the African languages spoken by slaves brought from West Africa to work on plantations. It is often incorrectly described as a French dialect.

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  1. PAPUA NEW GUINEA (PNG) has about 850 different dialects/languages. And - yes, PNG has a creole as its official language. It has three official languages - English, Tok Pisin/Pidgin, a creole, and Motu a local dialect in the southern part of the co..
  2. Haitian Creole contains elements from both the Romance group of Indo-European languages through its superstratum, French, as well as African languages. There are many theories on the formation of the Haitian Creole language. One theory estimates that Haitian Creole developed between 1680 and 1740
  3. There isn't one Creole language. There are multiple and spoken in different parts of the world. As to which countries speak a Creole language, you have Jamaica, Granada, T&T, Guyana, Haiti, Belize, Bahamas, Barbados, Cameroon, Liberia, Seychelle..
  4. However, in many countries it could be different than the spoken language(s) there. That happens sometime in small countries that use a more common language than their native language for official.
  5. Actually, there is no such language as Creole. The word Creole describes any language that is a stable, full-fledged language originating from a pidgin (which is a language composed of two or.
  6. Mauritian Creole is the first language of the majority of the population of Mauritius. Around 1 million people speak the language today. The Mauritian Creole has a French base and also borrows a number of words from English, African and South Asian languages that have been spoken in the country
  7. However, there are many different French creole languages around the world. Here is what they all have in common, though: The French used is usually 17th or 18th century French. Going back to the origins of creole languages in general, we can stop and take a look at how most French creole languages were formed

Creoles are a type of mixed language, that come about through language contact. Note that some individual creole languages are sometimes also called Creole, such as Louisiana Creole, and even by variant spellings (in the language) such as Kriol. In a way, Creole resulted from African slaves' efforts to speak the French that they heard when they arrived in the colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti).Slaves came from all over West Africa and spoke many different languages. On any one plantation, several African languages were spoken While there are more than 6,000 languages spoken globally at present, less than 600 are likely to endure in 2115, and they could be simplified versions of what we recognise today, one linguist has.

While many believe the number of world languages is about 6,500, there are actually 7,106 living languages in the world. Although this number might be the latest count, there is no one clear answer as to the exact number of languages that still exist. The question of how many languages there are in the world has always been surrounded by. Jamaican Patois is the first language of many Jamaicans who later become exposed to English in school. The typical Jamaican thus has a grip on both of the languages. Jamaican Patois remains the medium through which folk traditions, oral myths, and customs are passed between generations

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  1. I am a Creole from New Orleans and must say that Cajun and Creole are two completely different cultures. The terms should not be used interchangeably, not even when applying to cooking
  2. ated against by the Cuban government in the 19th and early 20th century until 1959, when Fidel Castro assumed power and formed a government. In recent years, the use of the Haitian Creole language has spread to non-Haitian Cubans, many of whom speak the language fluently
  3. There are almost as many creole languages as there are islands and territories, and possibly more, depending on the definition and delineation of different dialects of the creoles. There are, however, no creole languages to be found in the insular Hispanic Caribbean, only Palenquero in the continental Caribbean, namely Colombia
  4. g languages that at one point or another we've all wondered: how many program

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How many languages are there in the world? Stephen R. Anderson. Download this document as a pdf. The object of inquiry in linguistics is human language, in particular the extent and limits of diversity in the world's languages.One might suppose, therefore, that linguists would have a clear and reasonably precise notion of how many languages there are in the world The Creole dialect that is used by a considerable percentage of the population is French-based. The Chagossian Creole, Agalega Creole, Rodriguan Creole, and Mauritanian Creole are similar. Some of the ancestral languages used in Mauritius include Urdu, Odia, Hindi, Marathi, and Bhojpuri I don't know everyone in New Orleans. I haven't visited every place there was to go. I only lived there for two years. During those two years, I can't say that I remember anyone using French beyond talking about the names of the various neighborho..

I was told at the weekend conference I attended that on one large island in Indonesia there are over 200 language groups that have no Scriptures. I didn't ask, but I wondered how many of those groups had languages that were very similar There are from 6800 to 6900 distinct languages in the modern world As you see, even scientists are not able to give a more or less exact number. The Ethnologue organization speaks about approximately 6900 languages, and specialists from the National Virtual Translation Center agree with it Spanish-based creoles in the Caribbean John M. Lii The Pennsylvania State University Introduction The Caribbean Basin is home to many creole languages, lexically related to French, English, and—now only vestigially—Dutch. Surrounded by Spanish-speaking nations, and wit Related Tags: how many languages are there in the world 2014, how many languages are there in 2014, how many languages exist in the world 2014, How many world languages are there today 2014, Leave a Comment . Click here to cancel reply. Name* Email* Website. Submit Comment + 1 = fou

Chavacano is a full-pledge creole and an evolved language from Ancient Castillan and Latin with Influences from Native American Languages i.e. Quchua, Taino, Mexican-Indian, et.al., Italian, Portuguese & Austronesian i.e. Tagalog, Bisaya, Kapampangan, Subanon, Yakan, Tausug, Sama-Banguingui, Sama-Lauan, Ilonggo, Chinese and Japanese . thus, considering one of the oldest language has survive. Hausa was an official language of the northern states from 1951 to 1967. It is the most widely spoken language, although English is the official language of Nigeria. In addition to English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fula, and English Creole are widely spoken. Many of the languages exist in written form. Religio Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages. This open access archive from the Charles Darwin University contains more than 3,600 items of authentic texts in 50 Aboriginal languages of the Northern Territory, many with English translations and illustrations, and all available to read or download for free There are many other languages I could include on this list - such as Sundanese (spoken by 15% of the population of Java), or Kannada, which is spoken not in the country whose name it resembles but India

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  1. ant language families, Quechua (9 million speakers) and Aymara (2.2 million speakers), Guarani (5 million speakers) and Nahuatl (Aztec; 1.5 million), the most widely spoken languages of indigenous peoples of the Americas, are considered to be not endangered
  2. It is a Creole language. Creole languages emerge in language contact situations. That is, when multiple different languages encounter one another. By now, many Creole languages are almost extinct. But worldwide 15 million people still speak a Creole language. Creole languages are always native languages. It's different with Pidgin languages
  3. As many as half of the world's 7,000 languages are expected to be extinct by the end of this century; it is estimated that one language dies out every 14 days
  4. Pidgin and Creole Languages There are several situations that bring together from ANT 101 at Ashford Universit
  5. Of course there are different accents and versions of patois throughout the island. The patois gets thicker as you get more rural or country as we call it. Some places like in Clarendon for example, Granny sounds the opposite how the current PM.

The French Creole spoken in Trinidad and Tobago is very similar to that spoken in the French islands, particularly in Martinique. The French Creole has, however, developed its own features especially in its lexicon. Patois language in Trinidad and Tobag Home Earth Continents Countries of the World Languages Languages of the World and Language Codes International Codes Country Index ___ Languages of the World with Language Code (ISO 639) List of languages in English and French names, with a short description and where this languages are spoken, additional the international ISO 639-2 Alpha-3 as well as the designated Alpha-2 language codes

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This article ranks human languages by their number of native speakers.. However, all such rankings should be used with caution, because it is not possible to devise a coherent set of linguistic criteria for distinguishing languages in a dialect continuum. For example, a language is often defined as a set of varieties that are mutually intelligible, but independent national standard languages. Louisiana Creole people (French: Créoles de la Louisiane, Spanish: Criollos de Luisiana), are persons descended from the inhabitants of colonial Louisiana during the period of both French and Spanish rule. Louisiana Creoles share cultural ties such as the traditional use of the French, Spanish, and Louisiana Creole languages and predominant practice of Catholicism Creole Languages of the Americas Enslaved by the European superpowers of England, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands thousands of Africans primarily from the west coast of the continent were transported to the Americas. The fates of these people varied widely according to where they were located. In Surinam and a few other places, large numbers escaped the plantations to live in the. There's no such thing as one language that's just plain easier than all the others, but there are a lot of languages that are way easier for you personally to learn. I travel all over the world and one thing I've noticed is that all 7 billion of us seem to have strong opinions on our native languages Pidgin Languages. Pidgins are on-the-spot languages that develop when people with no common language come into contact with each other. Nobody speaks a pidgin as their first language. Usually a pidgin language is a blend of the vocabulary of one major language with the grammar of one or more other languages

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Experts guess there are around 70 indigenous languages spoken in Colombia and more than 750,000 Colombians speak them. Many of these tongues come from well-established indigenous lineages, such as Arhuaco and Quechuan, but others are spoken by isolated tribes who have only recently come into contact with the rest of the world That is, there are 33 countries in which French is either the official language, or one of the official languages. This number is second only to English, which is spoken officially in 45 countries. French and English are the only languages spoken as a native language on five continents and the only languages taught in every country in the world There is only one official orthography published by the government of Haiti in 1979-1980. Everyone must use the official version. There are several different non-official orthographies of the Haitian Creole language use by people who do not know the official one. The one presented here is the official and therefore most commonly used Originally, therefore, Creole language meant the speech of those Creole peoples. As a consequence of colonial European trade patterns, many creole languages are found in the equatorial belt around the world and in areas with access to the oceans, including the Caribbean as well as the north and east coasts of South America, western Africa and in the Indian Ocean

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There are Creoles identified in many other countries: Brazil, Portugal, the Caribbean and others. Hence, the Creoles of color connotation although not all have necessarily black or African heritage. Primarily what Creoles share whether white Creole or Creoles of color is culture, language, food and religion It is estimated that between 1,500 and 2,000 languages are spoken here, many with their own set of varying dialects. To make things even more confusing, in many countries the official language is not the same as the lingua franca - that is, the language spoken by the majority of its citizens What are the most spoken languages in Brazil, and how many people speak them? Portuguese is the dominant tongue, but there's still plenty of bilingualism How many creoles are there?: Yeah my mom is from Sierra Leone and I believe they speak Creole as one of their langugages. Is this related to Hatian Creole? joziboy Wednesday 02nd of November 2005 12:03:12 AM I thought 'creole' just meant a language that is made from mixing other languages There are several reasons for the linguistic diversity of South America. One is that there were few pre-Columbian empires in the New World to spread their languages across large territories, with the notable exception of the Inca Empire that spread Quechua throughout its domains. The other is geography (tall mountains, wide rivers, dense jungles) that kept linguistic communities apart and.

This is a question that I felt compelled to ask. I of course did a search and found several numbers. Some numbers were as small as 4000 different languages while others went to greater numbers of 6800 to 6900 different languages in the world. I knew that there was quite a few and that several lan.. It is these rural Creoles who created zydeco music and who are known for Creole cowboy culture, which includes trail rides and cowboy clubs that exist to this day. Creole food is similar to Cajun food but tends to be a bit spicier (though with everything on this topic, there are plenty of chefs from both styles who will break that rule) Languages Spoken in Each Country of the World The table below lists the official language of each country as well as other languages spoken. In selected countries, the percent of the population that speaks each language is also given There are over 7,000 languages in the world, each with their own histories and sounds. All of these should be celebrated. But, some languages are much more widely spoken than the rest. Find out which languages keep us connected and keep the world running

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Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages It is one of the oldest creole languages in the world and the only one in Asia. There are various dialects of Chavacano including, Zamboangueño, Caviteño, Cotabateño, Castellano Abakay (Chabacano de Davao), Ternateño (Bahra), and Ermiteño (Ermitense) with a total population of 1,200,000 Answer to: How many words are in a typical creole language? By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework..

Dialect Map of American English . Not all people who speak a language speak it the same way. A language can be subdivided into any number of dialects which each vary in some way from the parent language. The term, accent, is often incorrectly used in its place, but an accent refers only to the way words are pronounced, while a dialect has its own grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and common. Because of its complicated history, the Caribbean is a linguistically diverse region. Most islands have a European language (English, French, Spanish or Dutch) as their dominant language, in addition to many local Creole languages. English is the most widely spoken language in the region Multilingual People. How many languages do you speak? Are you monolingual, bilingual, trilingual, multilingual, or polyglot?After reading this article, we would appreciate sharing your experience with us, by commenting below, especially if you speak more than one language

How many people speak English? This statistic shows the most spoken languages in the world. There were around 1.3 billion native Chinese speakers a the time of survey How Many Languages of Africa Are There? 9 months ago 6 min read. Share it! 0 Shares. Not only is Africa the second most populous continent in the world with over one billion people, but it is also home to the highest linguistic diversity in the world, with over 1500 different languages Romance languages, group of related languages all derived from Vulgar Latin within historical times and forming a subgroup of the Italic branch of the Indo-European language family.The major languages of the family include French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian, all national languages. Catalan also has taken on a political and cultural significance; among the Romance languages that. Did you know that Portuguese is the most spoken language in South America? Read on for more facts and background about Portuguese Languages can die gradually, which is probably the most natural way for it to happen, but many times there are outside influences involving the struggles of a minority community against the majority society in which they live. The death of a language can start in the home, or it can start in some area as high up as the government or aristocracy

With anywhere between 1000 and 2000 languages, Africa is home to approximately one-third of the world's languages. The diversity of Africa's languages is evidenced by their populations. In total, there are at least 75 languages in Africa which have more than one million speakers. The rest are spoken by populations ranging from a few hundred to several hundred thousand speakers To put it in technical terms, a creole will be expected to have unmarked values for linguistic parameters, e.g. with the parameter pro-drop, whereby the personal pronoun is not obligatory with verb forms (cf. Italian capisco 'I understand'), the unmarked setting is for no pro-drop to be allowed and indeed this is the situation in all pidgins and creoles, a positive value being something. A creole language, or creole, is a stable natural language that develops from the simplifying and mixing of different languages into a new one within a brief period of time: a pidgin evolved into a full-fledged language. While the concept is similar to that of a mixed or hybrid language, creoles are characterized by a tendency to systematize their inherited grammar The Question: How many spoken languages are there in the world? The Answer: There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers

Pidgin, according to linguists, is a creole language that reflects Hawaii's ongoing legacy as a cultural melting pot.Hawaiian Pidgin English developed during the 1800s and early 1900s, when. Start studying HWST 107 Midterm. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

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English and French are de facto official languages. However, the most widely spoken language is the French-based Mauritian Creole. Morocco There are two official languages in Morocco, Standard Arabic and Tamazight (Berber). French is the language of business, culture, and education in the country. Nige Are there any creole languages that aren't the result of slavery? Close. 11. Posted by. u/tree1000ten. 6 hours ago. Are there any creole languages that aren't the result of slavery? All the ones I know of have to do with slavery. 7 comments. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. What are your thoughts Louisiana Creole, French-based vernacular language that developed on the sugarcane plantations of what are now southwestern Louisiana (U.S.) and the Mississippi delta when those areas were French colonies. It had probably become relatively stabilized by the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 In general, a Creole language is a defined and stable language that arises from long-standing contact between two or more distinct languages. Prior to creolization, a rudimentary contact language is known as a pidgin. Typically, with Creole languages there are many distinctive features that do not derive from any of the parent tongues There are millions of people, even in the mostly monolingual US, who speak more than one language at home. Competence in three languages is not unusual. But what about 10, 20, 30, 100 languages

In fact, there are somewhere between 138 and 300 different types of sign language used throughout the world today. New sign languages frequently evolve amongst groups of deaf children and adults. With that in mind, let's take a look at 9 examples of sign languages from around the world The term creole generally refers to a language whose historical and cultural antecedents are recent and clear (for various values of recent and clear). The mere presence of many loan words is insufficient to call a language a creole. Furthermo.. Many Aboriginal adults and children in Central Australia are speakers of one or more Aboriginal languages as their mother tongue. They may or may not speak Standard Australian English (SAE), that is, the form of English that is taught in schools and used in the media It is the most widely learned second language and is either the official language or one of the official languages in almost 60 sovereign states. There are more people who have learned it as a second language than there are native speakers.English language.EnglishEarly formsOld English Middle English Early Modern Englis

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A creole comes into being when children are born into a pidgin-speaking environment and acquire the pidgin as a first language. What we know about the history and origins of existing creoles suggests that this may happen at any stage in the development of a pidgin. (Mark Sebba, Contact Languages: Pidgins and Creoles.Palgrave Macmillan, 1997 Nicknamed the Big Easy, New Orleans is known for its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live-music scene, and spicy, singular cuisine reflecting its history as a melting pot of French, African, and American cultures, according to Google.But, that melting pot of dialects lends itself to variations on the pronunciation of the city's name, making it difficult to know the correct way to say it Did you know French is one of the fastest growing languages in the world and that nearly half of all French speakers live in Africa

12 Types of Language Patois refers loosely to a nonstandard language such as a creole, a dialect, There are a number of show-offs posting here, though, and they make me want to show off, too, and point out that the title of the article should have been written Twelve Types of Language rather than using the numeral 12 There are two distinct languages that are spoken in the whole of Haiti. The most spoken language among Haitians is Creole. The other language spoken is French. However, not all Haitians can speak French. According to statistics, only 1 in 10 Haitians can speak French The six largest language families by language count are Niger-Congo, Austronesian, Trans-New Guinea, Sino-Tibetan, Indo-European, and Afro-Asiatic. Of the 142 different language families, these six stand out as the major language families of the world. They can be found throughout the world, spreading uniquely to different regions and countries How Many? (Sing-along) Oxford University Press ELT. Loading How many - How many apples? Language: English Location: United State Many Jews in Italy spoke Judeo-Italian, a language featuring early South Italian elements and Hebrew characters. Most of these languages, and many other Jewish hybrid languages, are extinct or almost extinct. The two best-known Jewish hybrid languages are Judeo-Spanish — better known as Ladino — and Yiddish

As a creole language it is characterized by simple morphology and a relatively small vocabulary. There is no inflection or declension in the words. Although it is impossible to know for sure how many words there are in Sranan, they number in the several thousand, rather than hundreds of thousands for major world languages Other than that, in Angola there are 42 local languages, one of them, Kwadi, has no known speakers and others are Khoisan, not Bantu, languages. Portuguese There are around 7.5 million first-language speakers of Portuguese although only around 25% of the total population are native Portuguese speakers Other Languages That Are Spoken in France: There are also several languages that are spoken in France by large immigrant communities including: Berber, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, English, Polish, Turkish, Vietnamese and German among many others. Further Reading. In France There is Only One Language. What about you

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A link I recently encountered is the Jamaican Language Unit.. As you may or may not know, many inhabitants of Jamaica, including the late Bob Marley, are native speakers of Jamaican Creole.As with most creoles, Jamaican Creole is often considered to be a degenerate form of English, but the Jamaican Language Unit is working to establish Jamaican Creole as an alternate written standard A creole language is a language which has evolved from other languages. Creoles are spoken in many places throughout the world with the largest creole found in Haiti, where there are estimated to be about 10 million native speakers. Haitian Creole is a mix of French with bits of Spanish, Portuguese,.

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Overview of the Jamaican Language Posted on July 21, 2013 When asking about the Jamaican Language, many persons are referring to Jamaican Patios, an English-lexified creole language spoken by the majority of Jamaicans locally or internationally LanguageLine Solutions provides spoken interpretation and written translation in more than 240 languages, please refer to our list of languages As mentioned earlier, there are many languages spoken in Guyana but the most common ones are English and Guyanese Creole. This, therefore, means that a foreigner can communicate with the locals with no difficulty at all times Dead languages aren't just ancient history. First things first, a dead language is any language is no longer the native language of any community (even if still learnt or in use). The dead language that usually springs to mind for many people is Latin, which has a huge influence on many languages spoken today. They are supposed to be dead and yet we talk about dead languages because they.

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Just how many words there currently are in the English language is open to conjecture. The Global Language Monitor (a Texas-based company that analyzes and tracks worldwide language trends) claims that the English language now boasts over a million words, but in reality it is almost impossible to count the number of words in a language, not least because it is so hard to decide what actually. How many people speak Italian in America. Language category: OTHER INDO-EUROPEAN LANGUAGES In October 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2009-2013 American Community Survey which provides information on languages spoken at home and ability to speak English for the Population 5 Years and Over for the United States as a whole,. How Many Types of Cancer Are There. January 23, 2013; How Many People Live in New York City. January 22, 2013; How Many Countries Are in the Europe. January 21, 2013; How Many Hours of Sleep. January 20, 2013; How Many Continents Are There in the World. January 17, 201

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It follows another list of 114 languages (along with their regions), in which selected verses of the Holy Quran are available. If you need a translation in any of these languages, or need other Islamic literature or information, you may contact your nearest Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission. (or send an e-mail to me, maybe I can help you) Do you know how many Spanish speaking countries are in the world? Did you know that there are more Spanish speakers in the U.S. than in Spain

Seychelles Facts for Kids | Seychelles Geography | TravelYou Won't Believe Just How Many Epic Adventures You CanThe Diverse Languages and Nationalities in New YorkHow Many Countries Official Language is SpanishAustralian Aboriginal languages | ClassificationBasic Mauritian Creole | Sun Resorts
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